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What’s in the pot – lip balms

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Spring is peering round the corner, the daffs are out and we’re starting to bathe in some glorious warming sunshine, hurrah! – we can hear the collective cheer – but we’ve not quite committed to switching off the heating and there is still the odd frost appearing on the ground, indicating that the cooler weather is here to stay, at least for a while yet.

With this colder weather comes the inevitability of dry skin that can include uncomfortable chapped lips. A high-quality, moisturising lip balm is your friend (along with water – don’t forget to keep hydrated, folks).

Let us sit a while and explain a few things about our little pots of natural lip balm.



Firstly, what is absolutely not in the pot?

A few facts for you, did you know that some non-vegan, non-natural lip balms can contain:

– Parabens (see a previous blog about our natural body balms where we talk about parabens a bit more);
– Beeswax;
– Lanolin, a fatty substance extracted from sheep skin and hair;
– Petroleum, typically in jelly form, but it’s essentially the stuff you put in your car.

We’re not sure about you but we don’t fancy putting all of that on our lips – no thanks!


Seven reasons to reach for our natural lip balms.

– Good, wholesome ingredients.

– Certified vegan lip balms.

– Compostable, plastic- free lip balm packaging.

– Kind to your body.

– Kind to the environment.

– Four lip-delicious flavours – Bitter Orange, Black Pepper, Fresh Mint and Jojoba Pure.

Handmade by us, in our beautiful county of Cornwall.


What goes into our vegan lip balms?

We’re hugely proud of the fact that we only use the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients in all our lip balms. Here’s the low down of what absolutely does go into each and every lip-loving pot.

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Organic coconut oil

In a nutshell (or coconut shell!), coconut oil is natural, kind to your body, moisturising and stuffed full of vitamins and minerals.

In its raw state, some use coconut oil as a face-moisturiser, make-up remover, under eye cream and, of course, on lips – coconut oil is hugely cleansing, nourishing and keeps lips hydrated and skin looking glowy.

Not sure? Try for yourself. Put a small amount of coconut oil onto an area of dry skin and see what difference it makes. For lip care, we know that coconut oil eliminates dry, chapped skin and makes your smile a whole lot brighter.


Mango butter

Another superfood for our list of natural lip balm ingredients – mango butter contains lots of lovely stuff like Vitamin A, Vitamin E and a generous helping of antioxidants. The hidden source of its nourishing benefits is in its seeds, cold pressing the seeds produces a wonderfully creamy butter.

Similar to cocoa butter, the mango butter that we use in our lip balms gently soothes dry skin that arrives with cooler months.


Sunflower wax

We use sunflower wax in our vegan lip balms as a natural thickener and hardener, it contains vitamin E so, once again, ticks the nourishing box. Sunflower wax is highly absorbent and won’t clog pores which makes it a fantastic ingredient for our lip balms.


Illipe butter

Similar to shea butter, Illipe butter has been used for years as a natural conditioner to combat unwanted dry skin. Illipe butter has long-lasting durability, meaning that when you apply to your lips, it’ll stay put, keeping them wonderfully hydrated and supple.


Organic Jojoba Oil

We use a certified organic Jojoba oil (pronounced “hoh- hoh-buh”) in our lip balms. It’s a light oil, rather than heavy and greasy, absorbing quickly and locking in moisture. Jojoba contains vitamin E, vitamin B-complex and zinc.


Natural vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is an important nutrient that your body needs to support healthy skin regeneration. We choose to use vitamin E oil in our lip balms as it is superb at treating dry chapped lips by encouraging skin cells to regenerate faster.

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Essential Oils

This is what makes our natural lip balms smell so yum! Essential oils (there are around 90 in total) are naturally derived from plants – retaining the natural fragrance of the plant. Each of our vegan lip balms contain a hand-picked selection of essential oils, apart from JoJoba Pure, which is fragrance free, should you prefer a plain lip balm.


Over time we’ve tinkered and tweaked our lip balms, gone back and then tinkered some more.  But we truly believe we’ve got a recipe for a brilliant product that really does soothe dry and uncomfortable chapped lips. What’s more, we’re proud to say that our plastic free lip balms are vegan and come in environmentally friendly pots.

Choose a flavour and try them out for yourself: Bitter Orange, Black Pepper, Fresh Mint and Jojoba Pure

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