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What’s In The Pot – Body Balms

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Krista & Mel

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We all do it – hop out of the bath or shower knowing we really should moisturise our skin, but time is tight so we think ‘tomorrow’ and skip this important part of self care… well no more!

With our solid body balms it couldn’t be easier to swiftly give your skin some proper tlc – just apply directly as it melts on contact, smoothe it in if required (although it will sink in of its own accord beautifully) and that’s it, skincare done.

You’re on time for your day or ready for bed with soothed, hydrated, nourished skin – that’s what we call winning at life!

Our vegan body moisturisers are 100% plastic-free and completely compostable… but what’s actually in that clever little pot you might be wondering? Join us as we take a look inside…


Organic coconut oil

A wonderful ingredient that helps the skin stay hydrated, coconut oil is packed full of skin-soothing fatty acids which help to heal cracks and wounds, great for those spots on your body that can be prone to dryness, like elbows and knees.

It is made by pressing the white coconut flesh from the inside of the coconut.

Coconut oil also has antibacterial properties so we use this in our body balms (and deodorants too!) to balance and soften the skin, and it adds a silky glide on application.


Mango butter

You’ll find mango butter in lots of our products as it’s a superhero ingredient! It comes from the seed kernel of the mango, and is wonderful for moisturising, soothing and healing.

Mango butter is packed full of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, along with antioxidants and more essential fatty acids.

It’s also brilliant for combating dry skin, dermatitis and eczema, which can easily flare up in the colder months, or if you’re partial to a hot bath or shower (check out our blog post for tackling dry skin if this sounds like you!)

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Sunflower wax

A great vegan wax that helps to bring all the oils and butters together, melting beautifully on the skin without feeling sticky.


Organic jojoba oil

From the seed of the jojoba plant, which is found mainly in Central and South America, this lovely light oil is incredibly moisturising and has natural antibacterial properties to help keep skin balanced and healthy.

It’s another ingredient that’s packed full of healing and nourishing Vitamin E. We use an organic jojoba oil, which has been certified by the Soil Association.

Jojoba oil (which is pronounced “hoh” + “HOH” + “buh” if you’re unsure) hydrates the skin and balances sebum production, which itself is really important for skin health.


Essential oils

Depending on which body balm you choose, you’ll also find carefully selected essential oils in the pot – the only exception being our essential oil-free Pure body balm.

Perhaps you’ll choose the delicate Perfect Rose, with fragrant rose geranium essential oil? Or maybe zingy Sweet Citrus, with organic sweet orange essential oil, bergamot essential oil and clary sage essential oil?.,,,Take a look at our full body balm range to find a fragrance that suits you.


What’s NOT in the pot

Parabens are a much-debated ingredient. A preservative that’s used in over 75% of skincare products, they keep bacteria growth at bay in products that contain water.

Although parabens are officially approved for use under the Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC), there have been several studies that question their safety. Denmark has also banned two types of parabens in products for children, due to these concerns.

The great news is, all our products are paraben-free. We don’t put any water in our products, so no need for preservatives that prevent bacteria growth.

So if you’re looking for a paraben-free body moisturiser, you can choose any of our balms and have complete peace of mind that you won’t find any parabens in the pot.

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