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We’re working with Plant One to become carbon positive at Scence HQ

Plant One certified partner
Krista & Mel
Krista & Mel

Scence Co-Founders

We’re really excited to announce that we have signed up with Plant One to become carbon positive in our production! Plant One is a Community Interest Company who put every penny they receive directly towards planting trees right here in Cornwall.

Did you know that a native broadleaf tree will absorb 1 ton of carbon over 100 years, or 10,000 grams a year? They’ve worked with us to help us understand how many trees we need to plant every year to sequester our carbon output – we’ve learned so much along the way!

The team at Plant One know the importance of planting the right tree in the right place. That’s why they use native varieties already found around their Cornish sites to help support local ecosystems.

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Cornwall is a beautiful county, with a beautiful coastline, but we have the least access to woodland in the UK. Only 9% of Cornwall has canopy cover, compared to the national average of 13% and a European average of 37%.

Over time, our woodlands have been devastated by the Industrial Revolution, boatbuilding & intensive agriculture. Woodland habitat is essential for the survival of our native wildlife & its removal has pushed species to survive in hedgerows & overcrowded copses.

In order to combat climate change we need to reverse this trend. This could be the first time in a millennia that canopy cover actually increases. The mission at Plant One is to reinstate the once great Celtic Rainforest, an ancient network of woods & forests that covered the southwest. The trees they plant are a mix of native broadleaf trees including oak, birch, hazel, hawthorne, blackthorn, beech and ash.

AND you don’t just have to be a business to join in – individuals can fund a tree too! Visit their website & find out more.

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