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Hello - we are Scence

We’re taking a fresh approach to skincare. Our products care for your skin and also care for your world. That’s why we use the finest natural minerals and plant-based ingredients, all wrapped up in compostable and recyclable paper-based packaging.

Handmade in our seaside lab in Falmouth, Cornwall, the Scence range is meticulously crafted vegan skincare, completely free of parabens and plastics. You’ll find beautiful deodorants, moisturisers, gifts and balms made without compromise.

Join us and be part of the sustainable skincare movement.

Making Scence

We use vegan, natural and nourishing ingredients which effectively melt into the skin and have a whole host of amazing properties beyond just smelling good (which they also really do!).

Our plastic-free packaging has been carefully developed here in the UK to protect and preserve the balms, while also reducing plastic waste. Discover why our approach to skincare really does make sense.

Natural Deodorants

Hard-working and cost-effective, our soothing, nourishing vegan deodorants are free from aluminium and are suitable for everyday use.

We’ve combined the amazing natural properties of magnesium with other plant-based ingredients so you’ll benefit from gentle, effective deodorising, while ensuring the body can function healthily, with no compromise.