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Top Ten Tips for Tackling Dry Skin in Winter

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Krista & Mel

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Winter feels well and truly on the way here at Scence HQ. The evenings are drawing in, there’s a definite chill in the air, and we’re starting to notice our skin is certainly feeling the effects of the lack of moisture in the air.

As creators of rich, soothing skincare, we often get messages from people struggling to get on top of their own dry skin, so we thought we’d pull together some frequently asked questions and give you some of our top 10 tips for dry skin in winter to see you through the next few months.

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Why is my skin dry?

Did you know there are two types of dry skin? Most people experience ‘Water Dry’ skin, where the skin is dehydrated through lack of water.

Some individuals have ‘Lipid Dry’ skin, which is caused by a drop in the levels of the skin’s natural oils, and is therefore considered a skin type. In some cases, skin can be both water & lipid dry.

As Water Dry skin is most common, and as Lipid Dry usually requires support and treatment from a dermatologist, we’re just doing to look at Water Dry skin in this post.

Chances are, if you’re experiencing ‘dry skin’ as the weather changes, you’re actually dealing with dehydrated skin.

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What causes dry dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin is usually caused by two main factors – not enough fluids and the environment.

The outermost layer of our skin is called the stratum corneum, and it’s moisture loss here that causes the dry, itchy and flaky skin that’s common for many people at this time of year.

Made up of dead skin cells that have moved upwards from the deeper layers as part of the skin’s natural process, the stratum corneum is an essential barrier to prevent skin dehydration.

Take care of your stratum corneum and you’ll banish dehydrated skin (such a catchy phrase!)

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Top ten tips for healing and preventing dry skin

1) Adjust your washing routine for dry skin

  • Don’t stay in the bath or shower for longer than 10 minutes, to avoid drying the skin
  • Use warm water rather than hot, which removes the skin’s natural oils
  • Pat your skin dry, rather than rub with a towel


2) Use sensitive or hypoallergenic laundry detergent, so your clothes don’t further irritate dehydrated skin.


3) Gloves are your friends

  • Be sure to pop on a pair before you head outside
  • Have some rubber gloves by the sink to protect dry skin if you’re doing the dishes


4) Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air – it can dry out so easily when the central heating is on.


5) Pop on a good jumper rather than sitting by a fire or other heat source, which can dry out the skin

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6) Slip a nourishing, healing lip balm in your pocket to combat parched, chapped lips.


7) Check the label – common skincare ingredients ‘alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA)’ and ‘retinoids’ can reduce the skin’s natural oil levels (as they’re not ingredients used to boost hydration).


8) Stay hydrated!

  • Sounds obvious, but it’s so easy to reach for a steaming coffee or mug of hot chocolate, rather than a glass of water on a cold winter’s day
  • Try swapping for a fruity tea, or even hot water with a slice of lemon
  • Using your own water bottle or mug can help you monitor water intake
  • Aim for six to eight glasses of water everyday to support your skin’s moisture level


9) Moisturise immediately after washing

  • Whether you’ve hopped out the shower, or had a quick hand wash, apply a rich moisturiser within a few minutes
  • Do so when the skin is still damp for maximum water retention


10) Put down the soap (there’s other ways to be clean!)

  • Many soaps strip natural oils from our skin
  • Use a soap-free cleanser, or a moisture-rich alternative
  • And of course, moisturise afterwards!
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Where can I find vegan skincare for dry skin?

Many people are surprised to learn that their skincare contains animal products and ingredients.

If you want to buy vegan skincare for dry skin but are unsure where to start, why not take a look at the Scence range?

We’ve spent years creating beautiful rich, soothing and hydrating moisturisers and balms with absolutely no animal ingredients – just natural, plant-based oils and butters, hurrah!

Struggling with dry skin on your hands? Our vegan hand moisturisers could be the perfect solution.

Cracked and chapped lips driving you mad? We’ve got organic jojoba oil and mango butter in all our vegan lip balms.

Sore dry skin patches on your body? Take a look at our vegan body balms which melt beautifully into the skin (and also work wonderfully for massage).

Is the skin on your face suffering in the winter winds? Our intense, nourishing vegan facial moisturisers are just the ticket to heal and hydrate so you’ll be smiling again in no time.

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All our products are carefully crafted to deliver maximum nourishment for your skin, plus we use our own plastic-free pots and tubs, so they do good for the planet too!

If you’re unsure whether our products are suitable for your skin, why not give us a call or drop us a line to find out more.

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