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Krista & Mel

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Why should I use moisturiser?

The secret to having silky smooth skin is moisturising all year round, not just when your skin feels dry! Your skin needs moisturiser to keep it hydrated, otherwise it starts to lose water quickly. Moisturiser works in a couple of ways, one is to hold the moisture in the skin and to stop it escaping and the other is to restore the moisture that has already been lost by your skin. 

Keeping skin moisturised reduces the chance of skin problems, the appearance of blemishes and helps to fight wrinkles.. It’s really important to moisturise from head to toe as your skin is constantly exposed. The best time to moisturise your body is after a bath or shower – instead of drying your body with a towel, leave it semi-dry and apply moisturiser all over, this will help trap the water on your skin and keep it hydrated for a longer time.

Can I use moisturiser when pregnant?

Your skin can go through a lot of changes in pregnancy, but you can definitely still use moisturiser when pregnant. There’s no need to give up your skincare routine, but you might want to just be more aware of the ingredients that are in the products you use. 

We recommend pregnant people use products from our Pure range. In our Pure Body Balm we use organic coconut and jojoba oil, mango butter and essential oils in our super hydrating body balms, perfect nourishing ingredients for your skin.

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Do I need different moisturisers in winter?

As the colder weather is nearing, our skin will be tested by the elements as well as suffering from our indoor heaters that suck the moisture from the air, and our skin, and strip it of its natural oils. You need to be extra attentive with your moisturiser choice in the winter and choose a richer moisturiser to keep your skin happy and hydrated during the transition into this season. 

We recommend our intense face balm that helps to heal and repair your skin. Our Pure Natural Face Balm is gentle and calming packed with rich mango seed butter, soothing jojoba and absolutely no essential oils – perfect for really sensitive skin where less is more! 

Another option could be our Fresh Cedar Face Balm which contains super hydrating thistle and cedarwood essential oil as well as the lovely rich butters you’ll find in Pure. All our natural vegan face balms leave your face and neck feeling soothed and cared for, without leaving a greasy residue.

Top Tip! Our face balms can also be used as a fantastic face cleanser and makeup remover! Just melt onto the skin and remove with a hot damp reusable cloth.

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I need a moisturiser for dry hands and feet

We always tend to forget about our hands and feet when it comes to moisturising, they work so hard for us every day but can often end up dry and lacking in moisture. 

Our soothing vegan hand balm can be used for both hands and feet, with its wonderful mango butter, organic borage, jojoba and calendula oils offering healing and replenishing qualities. 

The essential oils offer protection and aromatherapy benefits with the rice bran wax giving our balms firmness and grip, sealing in goodness and moisture-giving properties.  We have a range of different hand balms to buy, Earthy Spice and Sweet Citrus are a couple of favourites.

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What’s a good moisturiser for dry skin?

All our body balms work beautifully on dry skin, but why not give our lovely lavender After Sun body moisturiser a go? This plastic-free pot can be your moisturising best friend all year round, not just if you’ve overdone it in the sun! 

The cold can take its toll just as much on the skin – this soothing, nourishing and softening moisturiser is super hydrating with healing lavender and chamomile, a welcome treat for your dry skin whatever the weather.

Using moisturiser for massage

Our vegan moisturisers can be very versatile – for example body balms can be used as a massage oil. Warm it up for 2-3 seconds to melt, then glide to apply, it’s a wonderful silky feeling – then either give yourself a nice foot massage or ask a willing volunteer to apply to your back and shoulders 🙂

Moisturiser you can recycle

Look after your skin AND look after our planet when you buy our recyclable moisturisers. Our products are all 100% plastic-free – we’ve worked with a UK packaging producer to perfect our paper tubes and pots. 

They are also fully compostable, with a food-grade greaseproof inner lining to protect and preserve the balms. We never compromise when it comes to choosing the highest quality ingredients that are free from nasties and we’re committed to doing good for the planet.

Want to find out more about our plastic-free moisturisers? Visit our shop pages to explore our ranges of face and body balms.



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