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How to have a sustainable wedding in 2022 – five helpful resources

Krista & Mel
Krista & Mel

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Spring 2022 is finally here, and for many people this means the beginning of a new wedding season – the weather begins to feel warmer and the days are longer so it’s a great opportunity to tie the knot. But is it possible to have an amazing wedding day and still be environmentally-friendly? Of course! It just takes a little extra thinking and planning.

Read on for five helpful resources to help you have a sustainable wedding in 2022.

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77 Diamonds

This wedding guide will show you the perfect way to host a sustainable, zero-waste, ethical wedding. Learn about the damage a regular wedding can have on the environment and find out all the alternatives options. If you’re keen to understand how to have a sustainable wedding, this is a great place to start.


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The Sustainable Wedding Movement

The shift towards more ecologically-responsible weddings is growing and in this community you’ll find like-minded wedding professionals that will bring your eco and ethical wedding day to life. Many wedding businesses are making profound changes to their practices, to ensure that their environmental impact is minimised and their ethical duties are upheld. Here you’ll find a really helpful directory for eco-conscious and ethical wedding creators.


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Green Union

If you’re looking for the perfect match for your eco-conscious wedding aspirations, Green Union is a wedding and lifestyle business who share that very same ethos. They’ve been inspiring couples since 2007 and their directory is full of carefully chosen, eco-friendly and ethical partners in the wedding industry. Within their blog and through their connections, you will find everything you need to plan your eco-ethical wedding day.


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Sustainable Wedding Workshops

Maria’s business was born out of a passion for helping other people and the planet – she is an experienced sustainable wedding planner that has the knowledge to make your wedding zero-waste. Her workshops can give you the correct tools and know-how to confidently plan your sustainable wedding yourself.


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The Natural Wedding Company

The Natural Wedding Company has been championing eco-friendly wedding suppliers since 2007. They offer a definitive resource for planning a natural, eco-friendly wedding. You’ll find a great selection of eco wedding venues across the UK and their business is designed to connect engaged couples with a range of beautiful artisan suppliers who genuinely care about their impact on the environment. They believe you can reflect your love and commitment for one another without putting unnecessary strain on the natural world.


We hope these resources have given you some inspiration for your sustainable wedding plans – you can have the wedding of your dreams while also balancing your love and commitment to our planet!

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