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Smart ways to have an awesome 2022!

Krista & Mel
Krista & Mel

Scence Co-Founders

Well hello 2022! We don’t believe in the whole ‘New Year, New You’ approach in January – you are all awesome and doing a brilliant job especially during these turbulent times! January is a time for self care and nurture, a time to be gentle with yourself and not feel guilty about that delicious slice of cake or a Sunday afternoon Netflix marathon 🙂

Self care comes in many forms, one of which is being more mindful and sustainable in our everyday lives, as it means taking care of our planet and ultimately ourselves and those we love! We’re taking a look at 3 sustainable ways to start 2022 to give you some ideas and inspiration to make some small changes that add up to great things!

Conscious Eating

We should all be thinking more carefully about our food choices and how we can make ones that are better for ourselves and the planet. Eating healthy can be good for your mind as well as your overall physical health. Having a well-balanced diet (not restrictive) with plenty of fruit and vegetables is a great conscious decision to make this year. Support small local businesses rather than the supermarkets and be more aware of where your food has come from and its journey to your plate. Research shows that eating less meat can significantly reduce our carbon footprint, plus there’s lots of data on the health benefits.

Veganuary is upon us if you’re thinking about cutting out meat and dairy completely (but of course you can do this at any time in the year!) – there’s lots of great resources and meal ideas on their website. Or how about trying out Meat Free Monday in your house? If you want to take this approach beyond the kitchen, all our natural beauty products are vegan. There are lots of beautiful plant & mineral-based alternatives which means you don’t have to use ingredients derived from animals.


Reducing your waste

Being more mindful about your waste is a really great choice for the environment. An easy way to think about your earth-friendly choices is the 3R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce waste, reuse items rather than buying new and recycle wherever possible. If you can follow these guidelines as much as you can in 2022, you’re heading for making some really sustainable choices. 

We’re really proud that our natural, eco-friendly packaging is more than just recyclable, it’s 100% domestically compostable so we know we’re not adding to the single-use plastic problem. We work with a UK packaging supplier to produce our paper packaging with our unique push-up applicator design in our plastic-free moisturisers, natural deodorants and nourishing lip balms.

Prioritising self-care

Taking time for yourself and your needs can be something different for all of us. To some it might be getting outdoors and exercising, to others it might mean curling up on a sofa with a cuppa. Taking care of our skin, however, is definitely something we can all benefit from, even if sometimes it feels like we just don’t have time. Whether you’re someone who loves an hour-long, candle lit bath, or prefers a quick hop in the shower, popping on a good moisturiser afterwards is essential for skin health, and it will help you feel that little bit pampered and cared for.

Our Perfect Rose Face Balm, with it’s super hydrating rosehip oil, is perfect to give your skin a good dose of moisture as it leaves your skin feeling nourished all day, as well as being left with a soothing rose scent.  

Give your hands a bit of TLC during the day and keep our Mellow Sage Hand Balm nearby – not only will it leave your hands soft and hydrated, the combination of essential oils will also calm and clear your mind, lovely!


At the end of a long day, warm our nourishing Sweet Citrus Body Balm on your skin for 2-3 seconds to melt and then glide to apply. Massage our body balm into all areas of the body and pair with our Sweet Citrus Lip Balm for a full body treat – enjoy the sweet aroma to help you relax before bed. The main thing to remember when trying to make sustainable choices for the new year is to be gentle with yourself, do what you can, and if you don’t achieve it one day, just try again tomorrow!

Hope you’ve all had an awesome start to 2022!


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