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10 Top Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

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Krista & Mel

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Winter’s a wonderful time of year. From bundling up for a windswept walk, to cosy pub lunches beside a roaring fire, it’s a chance to rest, reflect and renew. When it comes to our skin however, winter can be a real challenge.

Low humidity combined with the cold UK winter weather means the air is much drier, which constantly draws moisture from the skin. Even staying indoors doesn’t help, as central heating and hot showers or baths can also cause the skin to dry out, crack and peel.

But help is at hand! We’ve pulled together some of our top tips for winter skincare, so you can soar into 2020 feeling fresh, comfortable and full of confidence.


1) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

One of the best ways to protect your skin against the drop in external moisture levels is to ensure you’re topped up from the inside, which means drinking plenty of water every day. If the thought of having a glass of something cold puts you off over winter, hot water with a slice of lemon, or detoxifying herb teas are great alternatives to coffee or hot chocolate.

We love ginger or liquorice teas for a digestive system boost, and dandelion & burdock tea that supports healthy liver & kidney function.


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2) Stock your kitchen

As well as drinking water, there are lots of foods that have a high water content which can help you stay hydrated. Be sure to include fresh fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, melon, apples, oranges and kiwis in your diet. You’ll also get the added benefit of supporting elastin & collagen production, so skin says smooth and supple, as many of these foods contain skin-boosting zinc and vitamin C.

Foods such as avocado and oil-rich nuts (think brazil nuts and pistachios) can also be very beneficial for the skin, as they’re packed with essential fatty acids, vitamin E, potassium and lecithin which support moisture retention and cell renewal.

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3) Whip up a DIY facemask

Why not pop the ingredients for a DIY facemask in your shopping basket? We like to mash together 1 tablespoon of skin-soothing, gently exfoliating oats with half a ripe avocado to make a calming, deeply moisturising vegan facemask.

Apply all over your face (being careful to avoid the delicate eye area) and wash off with warm water after 10-15 minutes for a wonderful winter skin treat.


4) Don’t forget your lips

We’ve all been there – the combination of cold, dry UK weather can often mean chapped, flaky, windburned lips. Our natural, vegan and cruelty-free lip balms are packed full of nourishing ingredients, such as soothing jojoba and nourishing vitamin E oil, to protect, heal and moisturise your lips.

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5) Choose the right cleanser

Using the same cleanser all round? You might want to think about choosing a richer, more hydrating cleanser to see you through the winter months. Oil-based products are gentle and soothing on dry winter skin, while being equally effective at removing make-up and daily grime.

One option could be to use our healing and replenishing Face Balms, which also double as a skin cleanser. Choose from delicate Shining Rose, fresh Cedar Thistle or Jojoba Natural -melt a little on the fingers then apply to the face and neck and remove with a warm, damp cloth.


6) Step away from the hot tap

A relaxing hot bath or shower can feel wonderful in the winter, but hot water also strips the skin of its natural oils, which can lead to drying and cracking. Be sure to pop a good moisturiser all over when you hop out, and where possible, turn the water temperature down so it’s just warm, especially when you’re washing your hands and face.

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7) Buff off the old

Our skin is amazing, it’s constantly regenerating and renewing, but that means that dead skin cells also build up. Many of us exfoliate our skin in summer, when it is often more on show, but did you know winter exfoliation is just as important? Removal of the old skin cells means that hydrating toners and moisturisers can properly penetrate the skin.

Choose a gentle scrub or exfoliating mask (our DIY mask above will work wonderfully) and carefully use on the face, hands and lips. Be sure to moisturise straight afterwards for beautifully soft, supple skin. Which leads us on to…


8) Moisturiser magic

Just as you should consider switching up your winter cleanser, a hydrating moisturiser is an essential part of your winter skincare routine. We’ve carefully crafted our range of face moisturising balms, hand balms and body moisturisers to soothe and hydrate you from top to toe, without leaving an oily residue.

You’ll find beautiful natural butters and oils in all our vegan, sustainable moisturisers. We’ve chosen ingredients that will melt into the skin, leaving your face, neck, hands and body feeling soothed and enriched. We also use 100% paper packaging so you can compost or recycle as you go.

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9) Crack cold sores

Susceptible to cold sores? This time of the year, the dry air combined with the cold, windy conditions can mean you regularly feel the ‘tingle’ of an oncoming cold sore. A balanced diet will help keep your immune system in tip top shape, especially foods rich in vitamin C and the amino acid lysine (think tofu, tempah and legumes such as chickpeas, lentils and beans). Cut out smoking, alcohol and late nights and you’ll say cheerio to the cold sore in no time.


10) SPF in Winter? Absolutely! 

Not just for summer! UVB rays are weaker in winter in the UK, which is why we don’t burn, but harmful UVA is always beaming down on us, penetrating the deeper skin layers and causing damage to skin cells. Don’t forget to pop some sun cream on when you’re out and about – a minimum of SPF 15 is recommended.

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Want to find out how our vegan, cruelty-free skincare range can help you enjoy healthy-looking, supple skin this winter? Make 2020 your year – take a look at our full product range or sign up for our newsletter to get our news, information, updates and offers straight to your inbox.

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