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Reducing plastic use & waste in 2021 – five really helpful resources!

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Krista & Mel

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January 1st 2021 wasn’t really a day for resolutions was it? Although we don’t really believe in them anyway (you’re already the best version of you!), being in the middle of a global pandemic has meant that most of us have plenty of other things to focus on!

But as we’re now in the middle of our third lockdown here in the UK, and getting very familiar with our own four walls, it’s got us looking around our homes and really noticing where we could be making changes when it comes to reducing single-use plastics.

Of course, the beauty of working at a sustainable skincare company means that our bathrooms already tick quite a lot of boxes when it comes to reducing single use plastics, but there are always opportunities to make more little swaps and changes.

So for those of you wondering how to reduce waste and plastic use at home, we thought we would share with you five wonderful, inspiring blogs that could really help you out.

If you’re stuck for ideas for clever swaps or different ways of doing things, check out what these folks are up to…


Zero Waste Home

One of the original zero-wasters, Bea Johnson and her family have been making changes to how they live since 2008.

Now a best-selling author and speaker, her family now only create a jars-worth of rubbish in a whole year!

Find out more at

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My Plastic Free Life

Another very experienced member of the plastic-free community, Beth has created a fantastic resource for those looking to make changes in their own lives.

Visit her blog for her 100 Steps to Get Started going plastic-free, plus lots of videos and a helpful discussion board where you can ask questions and get advice.

Find out more at


Moral Fibres

Wendy who runs the Moral Fibres blog describes it as ‘sustainable living that’s hip, not hippie’. Lots of practical advice and tips across all sorts of topics, from the kitchen to all around the home.

You’ll also find blog posts here for reducing waste with kids and teenagers – super useful stuff!

Find out more at

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Zero Waste Nest

Based here in the UK, founder Morgane explains “I still wouldn’t qualify myself as being ‘zero waste’ today, but much rather ‘low waste’.”.

Her practical, down=to-earth approach is great if you might feel overwhelmed by this new journey, plus she has recommendations for further watching, reading and listening in books, documentaries and podcasts.

Find out more at


Greenify Me

‘Teaching people how to live zero waste lives through easy, actionable tips’ is how Ariana describes her site, which is very accurate!

You’ll find a straightforward ‘Start Here’ section, after which you can dive into all sorts of help and advice around cleaning, recipes, holidays and beyond!

Find out more at

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Offer a beginner’s guide to sustainable health and beauty and focuses on how our lifestyle choices contribute to the environment, they recognise as the conversation around the climate crisis becomes louder, our attention as consumers is quickly turning to what’s in our bathroom.

Find out more


Have you got any go-to blogs or top tips to reduce plastic use that you think we should check out? Perhaps you run a blog yourself  – we would love to hear about it!

Send us a DM over on Instagram or Facebook and let us know!


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