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We’ve got new products planned so we’ve launched a crowdfunder

Krista & Mel
Krista & Mel

Scence Co-Founders

Over the last eighteen months our little vegan skincare business has had to adapt during the pandemic, when we lost much of our wholesale income overnight. We decided we had to use this time productively!

We’ve always wanted to explore a new cleansing range, so we set out to research new ingredients and formulate new natural cleansing products. This fuelled an exciting idea to develop a new range of skincare products including face cleansers, exfoliating polish, toners, light moisturiser creams and specific eye and lip serums.

Whilst we now have some wonderful new formulations ready to rock and we’re the otherside of the pandemic there are some considerable costs involved to bring these products safely and effectively to market – that’s where we need your help!

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As a plastic-free, vegan skincare company we are committed to our continued efforts to develop and bring the highest quality products to market without compromise – our online and retail community fuels our enthusiasm. We’re so thankful for our amazing community of supporters, which is where the idea of a crowdfunder came from – to help us enable this new dream to come true with the help of our loyal customers 🙂


We see support every day from well-wishers with heartwarming messages and countless likes and shares online – we see our customers value our ethos and feel the same way we do about our precious world so we thought this would be a fantastic opportunity for them to join us in bringing this new vegan skincase to the world!

What will crowdfunding achieve?

A successful crowdfunding will help us achieve the extension of our natural and effective vegan skincare range by funding the legislative compliance, registration and marketing required in each product launch.

Our new skincare range is designed in re-usable glass packaging and we will encourage a return and reward scheme so that all packaging can be re-used indefinitely,  and our customers can benefit from a generous voucher to buy more Scence skincare treats.

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How do I donate or access rewards?

We would love you to be part of this  development journey, either by donating or choosing a package to match your budget – your support would be so appreciated!

You can pledge just because you love what we do or there are lots of rewards from our current product range or advance orders on our new Actives range – these rewards are perfect for Christmas gifts, see some skincare gift packages below…

  • A gift box of 4 lip balms delivered to your door £15 (worth £18)
  • The full monty! A mixed pack of one of each of our products – deo, hand, face, body and lip balm £50 (worth £64.50)
  • £250 Scence Boom Voucher! Choose your Scence products from our website whenever you choose and receive up to £375 – that’s a huge 30% of extra products!

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Visit our crowdfunder page to find out more and see the full list of rewards.


How else can you help or be involved?

  • Like and share our cause on Facebook and Instagram
  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues about our campaign!

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