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How to create your own spa day at home

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Krista & Mel
Krista & Mel

Scence Co-Founders

Home, for the last 12 months, has been a place of everything – we’ve become teachers, experts at WFH and Zoom calls. embraced alternative ways to stay fit thanks to Joe Wicks… We’ve even become scissor-happy hairdressers and have contemplated a DIY wax on our eyebrows*…but then thought better of it2

Next month, as lockdown eases and we move into Step Two of the Government’s recovery plan, we should hopefully see the reopening of hairdressers, beauticians (*eyebrows breathe synchronised sigh of relief) and spa treatments.

Until then, we’ve put together our 10-step Scence guide to help you create a luxury spa day at home using some of our vegan skincare products and plastic-free moisturisers.

It’s been a heck of a year, we all lead busy lives, and boy, do we all deserve a little ‘me’ time right now.

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1. Choose your space.
Find somewhere in your home that is just yours, where you will be free from interruptions. Perhaps this space looks like your bedroom, your bathroom, a spare room or a garden room. Wherever it is, stake your claim and make it your own for the day.


2. Create your comfy. 
In your chosen space, position cushions, blankets, mats and pillows – think soft, fluffy and inviting – to build yourself a welcoming nook.


3. Recreate ‘that smell’. 
Ever walked into a spa and smelt ‘that smell’? It’s the one that spas tend to use to trigger relaxation. Scents used tend to primarily be lavender, ylang ylang and eucalyptus. If you have some essential oils at home, use them in a diffuser to recreate ‘that smell’ in your calming space – instant ‘ahh… and relax’ factor.


4. Light some candles. 
You probably would guess that at Scence HQ we love a nice-scented candle! Some people prefer to feel bright sunshine on their faces to relax, whereas others prefer a darker room.

If you prefer the latter, use candles to create a soft glow and relaxing ambiance. If you don’t have a diffuser and essential oils, find scented candles instead. Dot them about the room for the full zen experience.

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5. Play calming music.
Think lying in a spa and letting your mind idly wander off listening to some nondescript relaxing music – usually sounds of the sea or panpipes – that is what you’re trying to recreate. Make sure it’s not too loud and overwhelming.

Alternatively, silence is golden and wonderful for meditation and mindfulness.


6. Take a long hot bath or shower. 
It is said that submergence in water can calm the body’s nervous system reducing stress and relieving muscle tension. Try out some bath salts and use an exfoliating mitt to buff away any dead skin cells, and perhaps even some lovely lavender bath oils to promote relaxation and calm.


7. Give yourself a facial. 
After cleansing and exfoliating your face, you could try a face mask or steaming your face to open pores and deep clean your skin. Next, it’s all about hydration.

Our trio of vegan skincare face balms will retain moisture in your skin as they contain rich butters and oils, leaving your face and neck feeling soothed and cared for without feeling greasy.

For a delicate, fresh feeling, try our Perfect Rose vegan face balm with super hydrating rosehip oil.


8. Full body moisturise (including foot massage!)
One you’ve finished your facial, concentrate on rehydrating the rest of your body, paying particular attention to your knees, elbows and heels where you might get areas of drier skin.

Complementing our face balm, we’re reaching for our Perfect Rose plastic-free moisturiser that can be used daily and is especially good after a shower or bath.

Our vegan body moisturisers are also a wonderful massage blend, as they melt beautifully on the skin. If you have a partner at home who is willing and able, rope them in for a fifteen-minute foot massage! If not, a foot massage on yourself is a relaxing, indulgent treat too.


9. Mindfulness.
By now you should be fully relaxed! It’s a great time to practice a mindfulness activity. Mindfulness is said to reduce stress and boost happiness.

Mindfulness could be taking a few minutes to meditate: clearing your mind to focus on your breathing and being in the present moment.

It could also be reading a book or writing down your thoughts in a journal – whatever it looks like to you, this is your time.


10. Hydrate.
Flush out toxins during your home spa day by drinking plenty of water – perhaps infuse chilled water with cucumber, strawberry and a twist of lime. If you fancy something warmer, try a herbal, caffeine-free tea like ginger, lemon and honey or refreshing mint.


Bonus tip – Sleep.
We know this is only meant to be a ten-point guide but this last one is important: sleep. After your spa day you should now feel incredibly relaxed! Make the most of it and get an early night. Put on some freshly-laundered bed sheets and set yourself up for a wonderful deep sleep.

To create your own spa day at home, check out the Scence range of vegan skincare – shop for body balms and shop for face balms.

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