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5 Natural Deodorant Myths to Stop Believing

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Thinking about switching to a natural deodorant but keep reading different things? We’ve pulled together 5 natural deodorant myths you need to stop believing, so if you’re thinking about trying a natural deo you’ll have all the facts, not the fables!

Natural deodorants, and natural products as a whole, have come so far over recent years that they really are an effective alternative to mainstream products.

As many people are now keen to make more conscious buying decisions, both for the products they use on their bodies and the effect these products have on our planet, natural products are becoming increasingly popular, but some myths still persist… we’re here to bust them!



Myth 1) Natural Deodorants don’t work

Starting with a big one! The question here is what you actually mean by ‘work’? It’s important to understand that there’s a big difference between deodorants and antiperspirants….

Deodorants – designed to reduce odour

Antiperspirants – designed to reduce/stop sweat

If you’re thinking about sweat…

Sweating is a completely natural and healthy process for the body, so we don’t want to stop sweating completely. We do use naturally absorbent organic arrowroot in our vegan deodorants, to help you feel drier, but to also allow the skin to regulate in a healthy way.

Many people find that switching to a natural deodorant actually reduces the amount the rest of their body sweats, such as their feet and palms, as the underarm area is no longer blocked up with antiperspirant ingredients, so the body is more in balance.

If you’re thinking about smell… read on to find out why natural deodorants are perfect for tackling body odour.

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Myth 2) Moving to natural deodorants is a horrible process

As with any transition, there is always a period that can be a little challenging, but most of the time it’s only because our situation isn’t exactly as we’re used to.

The same can be said for making the move to natural deodorant – it’s just something new to get used to, but the transition process usually only lasts a few days, and once you’ve made the switch many people say they would never go back!

As you’ve already read, moving away from an antiperspirant means that you stop applying sweat-blocking ingredients to the skin, so you may feel a little different to begin with, but as your body begins to regulate, it will quickly feel normal.

If you’re nervous about feeling sweaty, why not switch during the winter months when you’re more likely to be cooler and therefore sweat less?



Myth 3) You will sweat more/ You will smell more

You saw in Myth 1 that moving to natural deodorant doesn’t mean you sweat more, you’ll just sweat differently, in a more healthy way.

We use organic arrowroot powder to help reduce wetness so you’ll feel naturally dry and comfortable, and your body itself will be more balanced when it comes to sweating.

We understand that many people worry about body odour when it comes to using natural, vegan deodorants. What many people don’t realise is that our sweat is actually odourless, it’s bacteria that produces the smell we all want to avoid.

We’ve carefully crafted our deos to include ingredients that reduce and prevent body odour by tackling bacteria. For example, we use magnesium hydroxide, which neutralises body odour and balances the body’s natural pH, killing odour-causing bacteria without being absorbed into the skin.

If you want to read more about the individual ingredients in our natural deodorants, take a look at our What’s in the Pot – Natural Deodorants blog post.

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Myth 4) Natural deodorants irritate the skin

For many people, the opposite is actually true! Lots of people find they experience less irritation when they switch to using a natural deodorant, and often irritation is what leads them to look for an alternative.

From our research, we know that some people don’t get on very well with bicarbonate of soda, which is in a lot of natural deodorants.

That’s why we don’t use it in ours, choosing instead to use magnesium hydroxide, which has the same bacteria-busting action without causing skin irritation.


Myth 5) You’ll need to apply loads of natural deodorant to have an effect

Nope! It is a common myth that you’ll need to pile it on to prevent body odour, but that really isn’t the case. Using the right ingredients means you get all the benefits without having to apply layers and layers.

As well as making our natural, plastic-free deodorants great at tackling body odour, we also wanted to make them cost-effective so you get a good amount of use out of them.

That’s why we’ve carefully balanced the ingredients to reduce odour and absorb wetness with only a couple of swipes under the arms. In this way (& stored correctly) we would expect our natural deos to last for a couple of months or more.

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Ready to have a look at our natural deodorants? You’ll find 7 beautiful options in our shop, including an essential oil free version. Of course, if you have any questions about our deos or the rest of the Scence range, just get in touch!

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