The Scence Journal

There are some topics that we think are pretty important. Like only putting natural, vegan products on our skin, using as little plastic as possible and leading happy, healthy lives. So we pop all our thoughts in our Scence Journal – we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it!

Green washed hand holding plant

A beginner’s guide to greenwashing

Look in your kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinet and inside your wardrobe; you’ll see swathes of labels and printed packaging. How many of those labels are …

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Scence face balms

Multi-purpose skincare to help your bathroom budget go further

From nourishing vegan beard balms to a gentle vegan skin cleanser, our skincare is super versatile! Read on to find out more… Jason Momoa, David …

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Woman using skincare in the mirror

How can I get healthy skin?

The beauty industry is flooded with tips, tricks, lotions, potions and daily must-haves for achieving the ultimate ‘glowy, luscious, radiant {insert your preferred adjective here}’ …

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Scence berry product body balm

What’s In The Pot – Body Balms

We all do it – hop out of the bath or shower knowing we really …

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vegan on chalk board with vegetables around

How our skincare products can help you if you’re doing Veganuary

Have you heard about Veganuary? It runs throughout January each year, with more and more …

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Woman looking out window

5 Natural Deodorant Myths to Stop Believing

Thinking about switching to a natural deodorant but keep reading different things? We’ve pulled together …

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Scence face balm

What’s in the pot – Face Balms

Getting your facial skincare routine right does so much more than just make our skin …

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Vegan certified logo Scence products

What is vegan skincare and what ingredients aren’t vegan?

The Vegan Society define veganism as… “a philosophy and way of living which seeks to …

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Woman looking at camera

Top 5 tips to look after your lips this winter

Even people who never really experience skin problems can find winter a challenge, especially when …

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