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Nature’s Perfect Packaging

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Krista & Mel
Krista & Mel

Scence Co-Founders

We love what we do and our formulations are designed to deliver nourishing and soothing balms that melt on contact with the skin.

An important factor in that delivery is packaging. It has to protect and preserve. It has to be beautiful and functional – and for us it has to be eco-friendly and go back to the earth.

It has been a long journey to marry the skincare and the packaging we envisioned but our endeavours are so minor compared to what nature can offer.

There are so many beauties I could mention – from walnuts to eggs but this is my favourite piece of nature’s perfect packaging.

The tangerine.
The colour is gorgeous, eye-catching, bright, warm and inviting. The texture is glossy, dimpled, tactile, palm-sized and just feels good in the hand. The smell is a zesty tantalising promise of what lies inside and prepares the consumer for the treat within.

Peeling a tangerine is a satisfying reveal and is a perfectly yielding break and peel to access the fruit. A perfect sized serving packed with goodness from our intelligent mother earth. I’d love to hear about your favourites so get in touch and share!


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