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The Story of our Rebrand

Scence deodorant
Krista & Mel
Krista & Mel

Scence Co-Founders

So the secret’s out and our new look is here! After months of deliberation, procrastination and late-night decision making we’re so excited to finally be able to show off the new Scence logo, packaging and website to the world!



For most of us, anything new is a bit scary at first (we’re totally with you on that one!), and if you’ve been with us for a while you might feel that this marks a departure from the brand you know and love – but we absolutely 100% promise it’s not!

You’ll still find exactly the same high-quality, carefully crafted products, ingredients and formulations in each of our pots, tubs and tubes, which are of course still completely plastic-free, recyclable and compostable.

So why have we made this change? Just as with everything we make, we believe honesty and transparency is key, so read on to find out why we’ve embarked on this path…


In the beginning

If you’ve ever been part of a start-up new business, where everything is funded from your own pocket to get you off the ground, you’ll know that wherever possible you’ll save costs by wearing all the hats.

For us, this meant that Krista stepped up and designed the original Scence brand logo and packaging. It was great to get us started, but as we’ve grown we’ve recognised that it was time to get the experts in, so we’ve been working with a wonderful local design company, Kingdom & Sparrow.

We’re passionate about helping people reduce their plastic consumption, while also being able to use soothing, healing skincare. We knew that a rebrand was needed to help us reach and engage a wider audience, as well as stand out more clearly on shelves, so more people can join our lovely community and make simple switches in their own lives..

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A better product for our customers

Although we deal with lots of orders and customers directly here in Falmouth, our products can also be found on shelves in loads of friendly retailers around the world.

We had reports of packs being opened before they’re purchased, usually because people want to have a look at or smell the product, without realising they were breaking the seal.

As part of our new branding, we’ve created full label wraps, which will help prevent products being opened. So you can have complete confidence that when you buy from a retailer, your product has not been touched or tampered with.

Also, although we love the brown Kraft-finished packaging, we know that it could stain quite easily once the product was opened; this won’t happen with our new packaging.


Practicalities at Scence HQ

Did you know that for all these years we’ve been labelling our products by hand?

As we’ve grown around the UK and overseas (just look how big our stockist list is now) we’ve needed to produce more batches, faster, and our little hands just couldn’t keep up!

The labelling machines require a full wrap, so we took the decision that if we had to redesign our labels for the machine, we would go all the way and take the opportunity to update everything, including our logo and colour palette.

With an expanding product range ( and with more in the pipeline, so watch this space!) we also needed a more simple, flexible way of ordering our packaging, which our rebrand allows for, and therefore prevents lots of headaches amongst the team!


Our retailer’s reveal

As is the way when you work with retailers, we have had to get our new-look stock out to them ahead of time, especially for those overseas, ready for our refresh launch.

We’ve been so pleased with the massively positive response we’ve had from our retailers so far, and really hope that you’ll all feel the same way.


A brand refresh is always a bit risky, as we know many of you love our original look, but we really feel that this a great step for Scence as a business, and is the first of many big and exciting things to come, which we very much hope you’ll be a part of!

Got any questions or thoughts? Please feel free to get in touch, or ping us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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