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From nourishing vegan beard balms to a gentle vegan skin cleanser, our skincare is super versatile! Read on to find out more…

Jason Momoa, David Beckham or Tom Hardy – take your pick of Hollywood celeb. The trendy sculpted beard is nothing new and has been around for a while. 2020 saw more men relaxing into growing a beard; the pandemic meant not having to go into the office, not having to be sociable and not having to shave.

You may have taken the designer stubble route or let it grow down a wilder, hairier path (think Tom Hanks at the end of Castaway), either way the beard is reportedly set to stay put on the faces of most British men in 2021.

The chin strap, the goatee, even the extended goatee – a quick Google told us that there are 20+ styles of beard to suit all face shapes. The ‘mutton chop’ style was our favourite, just for its truly wonderful name!


So, what about giving said mutton chop some TLC? For the well-groomed gent aiming to perfect his facial topiary, there’s an array of beard shampoos, conditioners, oils and balms on the market.

Scence face balms are designed to be natural multi-purpose skincare and will work as a vegan makeup remover, moisturiser, skin cleanser, beard balm and aftershave balm – helping your bathroom budget stretch that little bit further.

In our virtual bathroom cabinet, you’ll find a trio of vegan face balms, take your pick: Fresh Cedar, Pure and Perfect Rose.

When should I use a beard balm or beard oil? 

For a bearded gent, choosing whether to use an oil or balm is often down to skin type, beard type and personal preference. For men beginning their bearded journey, ‘infant’ beards often benefit from beard oil as it’ll calm that frustrating new growth itching: beard oil coats and moisturises the hairs, stopping them from becoming rough, dry and scratchy.

Beard oil will also moisturise skin under your beard, but if you are prone to oily skin and breakouts, you might want to steer clear and opt for a gentler beard balm instead.

Sister to the beard oil, a beard balm coats your beard to moisturise, nourish and condition, whilst also looking after the skin underneath your beard.

Scence vegan beard balms contain mango butter, rosehip oil, Organic jojoba oil – natural ingredients that lock in moisture and won’t damage your hair, unlike synthetic ingredients, such as petroleum jelly which is sometimes found in other balms.


Other benefits of beard balms:

  • Helps to reduce ‘beardruff.’ Just like the dandruff in your hair, which is essentially dried skin cells, our vegan beard balm will keep your face beautifully moisturised and flake-free.
  • Helps to reduce split ends: Not moisturising your beard will lead to dry, brittle hair prone to snapping.
  • Helps to style your beard: a beard balm can make your beard look fuller in areas where it might not grow as well. Balms add a gentle coating to help you smooth any fly-away hairs and style as you wish (mutton chop?).

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Why soothe skin after shaving?

Rather than aftershave, which is designed to reduce post-shave swelling, itching, or cuts incurred during shaving and skin irritation, an aftershave balm is designed to replenish moisture and repair skin cells. Some aftershaves contain alcohol which can sting and dry the skin leading to that unwanted ‘beardruff’ as we’ve mentioned.

Our vegan aftershave balm is natural, gentle and soothes dry, irritated skin, nurturing it back to it’s pre-shaved glory. Containing natural Vitamin E oil, which, as we’ve shouted about before, is a bit of a hydrating super-ingredient as it helps towards the growth of healthy skin cells – including hair follicles.


What other ways can I use a Scence face balm?

Face balms can be used both as a skin cleanser as well as a makeup remover. Balms remove makeup, dirt, sweat and excess oils from the skin. They are both kind to skin and hydrating so are a great extra level of moisturisation for those with dry skin who might struggle with more alcohol-based makeup removers.

To use our vegan skin cleanser: warm the balm between your fingers and apply to your skin, gently remove with a damp pad or cloth, then re-apply to moisturise your skin.

You can use Scence vegan skin cleansers around your eye area as our balms contain natural, non-harmful ingredients that won’t irritate your eye, so they’re perfect for removing eye-line and mascara.

Like what you’ve read? check out our vegan face balms.

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