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Do Vegan Deodorants Really Work?

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If you’ve decided to start 2020 by doing Veganuary, no doubt you’ve taken the time to research the food side of what it means to be vegan, but what about other products we buy?

Many people are unaware that something as simple as the deodorants and antiperspirants we all use on a daily basis often aren’t vegan. If you’re keen to remove animal products from your morning routine, as well as your diet, read on to find out if vegan deodorants actually work…

Don’t sweat the small stuff

For starters, it’s important to understand the difference between deodorants, which are designed to tackle odour, and antiperspirants, which contain chemicals to stop sweating itself.

The human body is supposed to sweat. It’s how we regulate our temperature and eliminate certain substances, so many people feel it is unnatural to use chemicals to stop this important bodily function. And sweat itself is completely odourless, the smell we associate with perspiration arises when sweat mixes with bacteria or hormone secretions on the skin.

Deodorants both reduce bacterial growth, and help to eliminate any unpleasant odours.

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Where we began

When we initially launched our natural, vegan deodorants, we used a soda-based formulation. As more and more people began switching to natural deodorants we discovered that that small but growing number of individuals were unable to tolerate soda on their skin.

We’re passionate about creating beautiful skincare that everyone can use happily, so have dedicated considerable time and research to create a new formula that is just as effective (working hard all day) and as cost-effective (lasting 2-3 months). The great news is, we’ve cracked it – marvellous magnesium ticks all these boxes, as well as being beneficial and gentle to the skin.

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A closer look at our vegan deodorant ingredients

The magnesium we now use in our natural, vegan deodorants has lots of clever qualities that benefit the body. As a deodorant it slightly raises the pH level of the skin’s surface, which inhibits the bacterial growth that causes odour.

Magnesium also has natural de-stressing and detoxifying qualities, in fact many people are familiar with it in another form; Epsom Salts, a great addition to the bath if you’re feeling tired and aching.

When it comes to reducing wetness, we’ve popped in organic arrowroot, which naturally absorbs moisture (as well as helping to reduce odour). Each of our deodorants also contains soothing and softening coconut oil and mango butter, which means all our beautiful ingredients will easily be absorbed by the skin.


What you won’t find in our products

While we’re big fans of magnesium, we never include another commonly-used ingredient in our deodorants; aluminium.

Aluminium is used in antiperspirants to actually block the sweat-producing pores under our arms, so although it will prevent wetness, it does mean a natural function of the body is being stopped.

There have been several studies undertaken to assess whether aluminium absorption into the bloodstream can cause cancer and Alzheimers, but so far these studies have proven inconclusive. We believe that regardless of the results, tests are carried out simply because aluminium is a questionable ingredient.

We know there are other safe alternatives out there, which is why you’ll never find aluminium in any Scence product. The same can be said for lots of other nasties – parabens, palm oil and plastics, so you can not only look after your skin, but also help to take care of our environment.

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Good to know

If you’re on the lookout for vegan deodorants, or other skincare products, check the label for glycerin and stearic acid.

Although it is possible to source plant-based versions of these substances, often they come from animal sources, so unless the product is specifically described as vegan, you may want to steer clear.


What this all means

So the moment of truth – do natural, vegan deodorants actually work? Well we can’t speak for all of the options out there, but when it comes to our deodorants, our research, tests and the very ingredients we’re using all add up to a big yes!

When you’re combining the natural effects of magnesium with our other plant-based ingredients, you’ll benefit from gentle, effective deodorising, while ensuring the body can function healthily.

If you’re looking for more information on our vegan, plastic-free deodorants and skincare, for Veganuary and beyond, why not sign up for our newsletter to get hints, tips and Scence news straight to your inbox?

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