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Hand Balms v Hand Creams – which is better to save our skin?

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Krista & Mel

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Whether you’re in the middle of a global pandemic (!), or just generally want to take care of your hands, no doubt you’ve tried several different moisturisers over the years.

One question we’re often asked is if there is a difference between hand creams and our hand balms? Absolutely ‘yes’ you’ll hear us cry!

Read on to find out why investing in a good hand balm, rather than buying a hand cream, is much better when it comes to soothing and healing your mitts.

The lowdown on traditional hand creams

Hand creams are emulsions, so the main ingredient is usually water, which you’ll see as ‘aqua’ on the ingredients list. Good for drinking, not so good to hydrate the skin!

As hand creams contain water, they create an environment where bacteria can grow. To prevent this, many manufacturers will add synthetic preservatives, which many people prefer to avoid where possible.

Ever used a whole pot of hand cream only to find your hands are still dry? You’re not alone! Hand creams tend to be thinner and less hydrating than hand balms, which are packed full of enriching oils and butters.

In a tube or in a pot, when you buy a hand cream it is traditionally packed in plastics, much of which cannot currently be recycled. But don’t worry, there is another way!….

Hooray for hand balms!

Hand balms are oil-based, so there’s no need for water and therefore no preservatives are required. This means you get considerably more high-quality ingredients in every pot, and no unnecessary additives.

All this good stuff means hand balms are an intense form of hydration for the skin, so very little is needed to deeply moisturise and soften (which also makes them very cost effective!)

Scence hand balms (just like all our products) are packaged in 100% recyclable, completely plastic-free containers. We’ve worked hard for years to ensure our cardboard pots and tubes keep your product in tip top condition, perfect for you and our planet.

Bacteria and viruses do not like oils, as oil dissolves the lipids (fats) that hold them together, meaning that hand balms are naturally anti-bacterial (this is also why soap is so effective on these pesky intruders!).

By packing our hand balms full of natural oils, our products actually feed the skin, sinking through to the deeper layers where a hand cream is likely to stay on the surface.

Our hand balms are all plant-based and vegan, so contain nourishing ingredients and nothing else. We also add beautiful essential oils which not only smell lovely and have some wonderfully healing properties, they are also naturally anti-bacterial.

Should I buy a hand cream or a hand balm

If deep, enriching hydration, soothing and healing is what you’re looking for, then a hand balm really is the way to go.

Every element of our hand balms, from the ingredients down to the way the work on the skin, will ensure your hand-working hands are moisturised, protected and cared for.

Visit our Hand Balm shop page to find out more and buy online.

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