Where is Scence Skincare made?

We make all our skincare in our eco-friendly laboratory in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Is Scence Skincare organic?

We always use natural, plant derived ingredients and yes, most of them are organic. Where we can't obtain organic certification we ensure that no pesticides are used in the production of our ingredients.

All our suppliers are UK based and we can ensure sustainable and ethical trading standards.

Is Scence Natural Skincare suitable for vegans?

Yes, all of our ingredients are plant derived and cruelty free. We only use vegan waxes such as myrica and sunflower.  

How long have you been making skincare products?

We are a new company but have been developing our formulas and testing them on ourselves, friends (and friends of friends) and family for over the past four years to make sure we can offer the best quality and effectiveness. Its a long process but we think it has been worth the wait.

Will you be introducing other products?

We are currently only working with anhydrous (oil based) products and yes, we have just launched a lovely after sun balm and we are working some aromatherapy and remedy balms. We will soon be offering Travel packs - so watch this space!

Why don't you use aluminium in your deodorant balms?

Our deodorant balms are not anti-perspirants.  Aluminium salts are used in antiperspirants to plug the sweat ducts and block the natural function of perspiring. There has been recent research into how aluminium can be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and the harmful effects it can cause. It's use has been linked to cancers and neurological disorders. 

Our deodorants work by using magnesium which is a natural and effective deodorant and changes the ph levels on the skins surface which makes it difficult for the odour causing bacteria to thrive.

What about parabens?

We don't use parabens in our products as all our balms are anhydrous so don't require preservatives. We use Natural Vitamin E oil (non GMO) in some of our products as a natural antioxidant.

What about palm oil?

No, we don't use that either. We use organic golden jojoba oil, organic borage, organic safflower, infused calendula and rosehip seed oil. No need for palm oil!