Our Packaging

We have been working with a UK packaging producer for the last four years to develop and perfect our paper tubes and jars. They are fully compostable jars and tubes with a foodgrade greaseproof inner lining to protect and preserve the balms.

None of the processes involved in their manufacture involves animal products and we have ensured everything we include in our packaging is vegan friendly.

We hope you like the tactile quality of our packaging. We encourage you to compost and recycle the containers or plant some herbs and use them as seedling pots.

Care: Please look after your product by storing it in a cool, dry place. Our natural balms will soften in warm temperatures above 35 degrees but will become firm again if cooled.

Your paper container tube or jar may darken with the natural oils of your balm as you use it, developing a deeper patina. This is normal and doesn't affect the quality of your balm and we think it's better than having a throw away plastic container. Use your balm within 12 months of purchase.